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Camera Bean Bags Support

In our collection of Camera Bean Bags we have a multiple range of shapes,colours and materials, these beans bags can serve a multiple of needs, bird hides, fence posts and rails, car windows, car bonnet etc, laying flat on the ground, this does avoid camera shake and can use a lower shutter speed with the stability of a camera bean bag.

We supply Waterproof and non waterproof Camera Bean Bags. Our Double Bean Bags all have a separate lining bag inside the main bag, where the filling is put with a accessible zip, when going away on holiday these liners can be emptied before you go and filled up with wheat etc when you arrive at your destination.

We use different types of materials from Waterproof Cordura to a Poly/Cotton and a Poly/Cotton Twill which is Water repellent. Please take a look at our range of Bean bags and pick one for your needs.

Note - There may be slight colour variance due to photos shown & material supplies.

Our handling time is 3-5 business days after your payment has been processed, a tracking number (if applicable) will be provided to you after that.

Please note: that the images are for the purpose of demonstrating the listed item, Camera/ Lens & Tripod are not included in the sale.