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Waterproof Camera/Lens Covers for Tamron

Waterproof Camera & Lens Rain Cover, with free carrying pouch

Lightweight Nylon based fully Waterproof Camouflaged camera & lens cover. The lower part of the cover has a Velcro strip to allow the bag to be slipped on and off easily and allow the lens to be mounted to a tripod.

Each end & middle is fitted with 3 mm WIDE BLACK ELASTICATED SHOCK CORD and attached with 3 cord locks on the ends of the cords. The middle elasticated cord with lock is there to pull the cover in when attached to the lens, this makes the whole cover looks neat & tidy. The waterproof camera & lens cover incorporates a hood flap at the camera end that keeps your camera dry. Also a great cover to keep on your lens permanent as it has other uses apart from rain and also used on the Beaches to help keep the Sand out.

This lens cover has been designed to the correct length for the use of Teleconvertors & Battery grip when in use or not. Comes with a free carrying pouch for lens cover, max weight 180 grams, fits easily in pocket.